Fully Guaranteed Against Manufacturing Defects

Here is our warranty that will protect you when using our product on your scheme:

Many guarantees and warranties offered to customers are complicated, full of legal jargon and ‘get out clauses’ which are designed to confuse people. Due to our confidence in the intensive testing regime, we’re able to make ours as simple and straightforward as possible. We hope you find this different approach refreshing – brought to you exclusively by the team at Brickspan® Developments Limited.

  • Brickspan® sheets are under warranty for a full ten years against the occurrence of manufacturing faults.
  • The warranty is conditional upon complying with the Brickspan® instructions and recommendations for installation, care and maintenance.
  • This warranty covers replacement of faulty parts only and does not cover incidental expenses. Failure to comply with the installation and finishing instructions will invalidate this warranty.
  • We recommend that competent semi-skilled operatives are used when installing Brickspan® Fast Fix.
  • Brickspan® Rest Assured Scheme is designed to offer you full onsite training, installation instructions and advice.

An integral part of the Brickspan® Fast Fix system is the specially formulated premixed Thixotropic Mineral Pointing Mortar. We do not include any cement or lime within our technology, eliminating the risk of lime bloom, efflorescence or façade whitening of salts.

At an average weight of only 5kgs per m2, this provides the perfect solution for on-site brick faced refurbishment for new or existing modular buildings.

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