So what is it that makes Brickspan® Fast Fix Wrap so different?

Yes, at Brickspan® we really believe our approach to innovative product design and technology has achieved the seemingly impossible in the field of construction development – a uniquely versatile, highly practical product which takes full account of the need for responsibility in terms of ensuring environmental integrity alongside the primary roles of safety and building protection.

  • Brickspan® cleverly combines great versatility in use with the advantage of being a 95% natural, mineral-body product which is both sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • Brickspan® has developed unique techniques that cross-link polymerisation technology with processes that do not use any cement or lime, thus eliminating the risk of the efflorescent lime bloom associated with bricklaying.
  • Brickspan® is breathable, fully resistant in colour to progressive UV fading, frost and fire-resistant and, with a weight of only 5kg per m2, can be used for both internal and external applications.

Fast Fix Suitability

Brickspan® Fast Fix, though extensive testing and it’s unique flexible, breathable and fire resistant properties provides suitability for most internal and external wall substrates:

  • Interior design, Internal partitioning plasterboard on lightweight studwork.
  • Interior design, Internal partitioning plasterboard on lightweight studwork.
  • Sound and suitable prepared internal plaster and external render.
  • On-site brick faced refurbishment of existing modular buildings.
  • Panelised on and off site construction systems.
  • Cement particle and mineral boards.
  • Timber frame and steel frame construction.
  • High-rise rainscreen façade systems.
  • All types of concrete surfaces.
  • All types of concrete surfaces.
  • Sound and suitably prepared wall tiles.
  • Tanking and concrete repair systems.
  • Stone, brick and blockwork.
  • EWI insulated systems.

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