About Us

Innovation at its best:

Our aim is to lead the future development of architectural façades by utilising all the benefits of innovative technology to secure and maximise building protection and safety.

Paul James Bishop
Managing Director
Brickspan Developments

Our Vision

Brickspan® is committed to research and development of cutting edge construction methods.

We continue to research and develop brick, slate and sandstone for world-class façades and modern cutting edge construction solutions.
Brickspan® Fast Fix provides safer, lighter, greener and smarter construction methods that modern responsibilities are demanding.

Our Values:

Brickspan® Developments are setting benchmarks to service the domestic and global market by providing a unique and innovative fast fix brick façade solution.

A central goal of our business has been to develop new brick façade technology that reduces time and skills required for on site brickwork application.

We have developed automated manufacturing processes, which incorporate advanced state of the art technology along side traditional brick making artisans.

A key part of our business is to strive to improve performance and conduct by developing our own customer relationship management system, tailored to our clients and customers requirements and objectives.

We continue to develop strategic partnerships with proactive and progressive like-minded companies within our field.

This will assist in identifying markets and companies internationally as trading partners with compatible synergising systems.

Our Products:

Brickspan® is a Worldwide patent pending, CTM branded and CE certified brick wrap wall covering for the construction and design sectors.

Our products have been rigorously tested by the relevant bodies and have been found to meet, and exceed, all industry required standards.

Formulated from 95% minerals bound in cross-linked polymers forming a colourfast, frost and fireproof fast fix brick system.

Resistant to bulk water and fully flexible while allowing existing structures, wall systems or new buildings to freely breathe beneath its surface.

Eliminating the risk of lime bloom, efflorescence or façade whitening complying fully as a non-hazardous, eco friendly and sustainable product.

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