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One of the main contributors to construction inflation is labour cost.

Installing Brickspan® Fast Fix; any competent semi-skilled person can quickly be trained to install the system and installation is up to four times quicker than any other brick system.
Pre-webbed Brickets weigh in at less that 2kgs per Brickspan® sheet of 20 bricks.

Decisions by planners can act as a constraint by influencing the building’s appearance to require the look of traditional brickwork.
Brickspan® offers a colour match solution.

Brickspan® factory assembled brickwork units achieve total consistency in overall style and appearance through the use of Brickspan® pre-fitted sheets.
Brickspan® modules can be pre-planned and manufactured.

Being much lighter and more flexible than traditional bricks, Brickspan® products are safer, easier and cheaper to transport from factory to site. For off site construction projects, Brickspan® is able to flex with the structure during transportation, reducing the risk of cracking.
Brickspan® is the UK’s lightest manufactured flexible brick system.

Strong and flexible Brickspan® Fast Fix combines a high degree of fire resistance which does not include any cement or lime within the technology. This eliminates the risk of lime bloom, efflorescence or façade whitening of salts.

Container - Before
Container - After

At an average weight of only 5kgs per m2, this provides the perfect solution for on-site brick faced refurbishment for new or existing modular buildings.

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